Ulises Valdez

Ulises Valdez Vineyard Manager

Ulises Valdez has a natural talent and deep knowledge of Sonoma Coast vineyards that is truly unmatched. In sum, he is a rockstar.

Ulises’ vineyard management experience started with humble beginnings, moving to Sonoma County when he was a young teen to work in vineyards along the Sonoma Coast and make money to support his family. With endless hard work, dedication, and an unmatched passion for the vineyards, success quickly grew and Ulises gained fame as one of the most esteemed and accomplished Sonoma Coast Vineyard Managers. Now, with three decades of experience and the same limitless passion, we could not be more proud to watch Ulises masterfully care for our beloved Boars’ View.

Involved with the Boars’ View vineyard from day one, Ulises’ extensive experience, keen instincts, and comprehensive understanding of the land have enabled us to maximize the natural resources of the Boars’ View estate. Always diligent and ever dedicated, Ulises developed the Boars’ View vineyard from raw land, exceeded planting forecasts and established a state-of-the-art irrigation process to provide optimal hydration to the root system and conserve overall water use through even the driest of seasons.

Ulises has a deep understanding of the contours and microclimate of the land, and carefully selects daily vineyard practices responsive to the vines specific needs. With this unparalleled knowledge, he embraces and enhances the natural potential of the terroir, bringing out the very best the vintage has to offer.

We believe great wines begin in the vineyard and genuinely appreciate everything Ulises and his team do to bring forward the very best fruit from our beloved Boars’ View.