Fermentation Whole Cluster

While not used in the winemaking process for Boars’ View, whole cluster fermentation is a common way of fermenting grapes that imparts a unique signature on the wine. Sometimes used in Pinot Noir that come from cooler climates, whole cluster fermentation can impart multiple characteristics on a wine, including the ability to balance out the wines natural acidity. In areas where Pinot often does not ripen as well as it does on the Sonoma Coast, using whole cluster fermentation can allow for a more full and intense body to the wine that can help give the wine more balance.

If not done correctly, whole cluster fermentation can yield grassy or “green” flavors that can be negatively perceived by the wine drinker. Stems, just like grapes, have their own levels of ripening and if picked unripe can impart these acrid flavors on the delicate Pinot Noir fruit profile. Early on in his experience with the Boars’ View wines, winemaker Thomas Brown knew that we should completely destem the fruit as we wanted to display the true essence and fruit character of the Pinot Noir grape.