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Boars' View Sonoma Coast Wines

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Dreams Come True

When we first walked the grassy hilltop cornice that became home to Boars’ View, we imagined all the great possibilities that could be realized there working with the remarkable talents of Thomas Brown and Ulises Valdez. We felt in our bones that we had found a truly special site, though, of course, that cannot really be known until the vines begin producing fruit. Now, a decade later, on its eighth leaf, the vineyard has truly exceeded all of our expectations. After an incredible journey in the Napa Valley, we are fortunate to see our dream come true, to create something magnificent on the Sonoma Coast.

— Fred Schrader

Complement of Vintages

The 2015 growing season began somewhat on the later side with flowering coming in Mid-June and the color change of veraison being complete by the end of July. We, along with our neighbors on the Sonoma Coast, experienced a much lighter than usual fruit set in 2015 but once the berries underwent the development and veraison, ripening was off to the races. Warm, daytime temperatures allowed the grapes to optimally mature which brought incredible balance to the 2015 Boars’ View wines.

The 2016 growing season, unlike 2015, began a little earlier than usual with flowering occurring at the beginning of May. A temperate spring provided ideal conditions for an even fruit set, and the subsequent moderate daytime temperatures throughout the season allowed for slow and even ripening. A cooler August brought a bit more time on the vines for the grapes and with it, the opportunity to select the best possible harvest date. The result was beautifully ripened berries with immense character and wonderful depth of flavors.

Prodigious Pair

An outstanding vineyard site is just one of the essential elements needed for making a great wine. The other element is exceptional leadership in the vineyard and in the cellar — and we truly have that in vineyard manager Ulises Valdez, winemaker Thomas Brown, and their phenomenal teams. Under the meticulous care of Ulises and Thomas working together, our grapes are seamlessly shepherded from vine to bottle.

When we found the raw land for our jewel site on the Sonoma Coast, Thomas welcomed the challenge of developing our world-class vineyard. Thomas and Ulises mapped the ideal layout, exposure of the vineyard, and then selected rootstock paired with California heritage clones that we cultivate for our sublime Boars’ View Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Thomas’ non-interventionist winemaking style lets the natural beauty of the varietal shine through in the wine and continues to be the perfect fit for us as we believe it’s vital that the vineyard, fruit, and the wine speak for themselves.

The other half of our dynamic duo, Ulises is our own Sonoma Coast grape whisperer with an intrinsic knowledge of the terroir in a way that is unparalleled in our industry. With 30+ years of cultivating grapes in this incredible appellation, we know that his depth of knowledge and attentive care set our wines apart.

Boar's View Pinot Noir

The 2015 Boars’ View Pinot Noir is a powerful wine with lush flavors of brambly black fruits and tantalizing notes of cedar and is a spectacular representation of this classic vintage on the Sonoma Coast. Underlying the abundance of black fruits are elegant notes of fresh earth, licorice, and night blooming jasmine that burst forth within a few moments in the glass. On the palate, the medium-bodied wine shows deep flavors of ripe berries, crème brûlée, vanilla and a hint of forest floor. The finish is ample with delicious lingering notes of crushed black cherries, and a touch of vanillin oak. — Thomas Brown

The 2016 vintage was a return to a more fruitful crop load at the vineyard, while still maintaining small, compact cluster size for maximizing skin-to-juice ratio and produced a dark, nuanced and complex wine. In the glass the 2016 Boars’ View displays a reddish-purple hue. Layered aromatic notes of clove, plum reduction, baking spices, and pine needles complement the fruit forward core. The wine shows a medium palate weight with both delicate and dark notes of finely gr ound dark chocolate, raspberry compote, anise, lavender oil, and lilac. There is just enough finely integrated tannin and acid to keep the wine structured, leading to an expansive, lingering finish. — Thomas Brown

Appellation Sonoma Coast, near Cazadero
Clones California heritage varieties of Calera, Mt. Eden and Swan
Cooperage A mix of Ermitage, François Frères and Remond French oak barrels [50% new]
Cellaring 11 months on average

Boar's View Chardonnay

Elegant and polished, the 2015 Boars’ View Chardonnay possesses a beautifully intense and intriguing bouquet. With bold aromas of lemon citrus and lychee, it opens up with hints of vanilla, white peach, and a subtle note of dried apricot. As time passes in the glass, this Chardonnay gives first flavor impressions of lemon curd, and crisp pear. Because this wine is aged sur lie, it has very layered and well-rounded, silky texture with subtle minerality which pleasantly lingers on the palate. The balance of all of these elements makes for a breathtaking wine experience. — Thomas Brown

The 2016 Boars’ View Chardonnay reveals the rich, supple character of the clay-driven soil and abundance of direct sunlight the vineyard block receives throughout the day. The hue of this wine in the glass is a dazzling yellow gold. Upon further development, aromas of white peach, jasmine blossoms, citrus zest, white pepper, and honey swell from the glass in concert. The mouthfeel is broad and uniform, amply coating the palate with abundant flavors of honeysuckle, lemon oil, brioche crust and custard. The enticing floral and stone fruit character lingers for a minute plus on the full finish. — Thomas Brown

Appellation Sonoma Coast, near Cazadero
Clones California heritage variety of Wente
Cooperage François Frères French oak barrels [100% new]
Cellaring 15 months on average