Terrior A Brief Overview

We consider terroir as playing one of the most important roles in determining the aromas, flavors and emotions we experience while enjoying a glass of wine. It is often thought that terroir is derived predominantly from the soil. However, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the elusive perception of a singular place, often described as terroir. In addition to the effect that the soil and the nutrients within it have on the final product, the climate of a vineyard has just as much of an effect on the finished wine as does the soil.

Our Boars’ View vineyard is located on a prime knoll two ridgelines in from the Pacific Ocean. This allows the grapes to obtain the beneficial cooling effects of the coastal climate and fog during the evening, yet still ensuring optimal sun exposure during the day. This ideal climate combined with the excellent Goldridge loam soils allow for a wine that distinguishes itself as being from the True Sonoma Coast.