Bud Break

Bud Break Bud Break and Spring Frost

Early every spring, bud break marks the beginning of the grape vine’s annual growing season. After a winter of dormancy, warmer soil conditions push water and nutrients up through the vine from the protected root system, buds developed in the previous growing season swell and begin to push tiny shoots, and the first sign of green emerges in the vineyard.

Along with the excitement of a new season, bud break brings threat to the new season’s bounty, as the tiny buds are extremely vulnerable to spring frost damage. Each bud contains all of the ingredients for the season’s growth from leaves to berries. The loss of one bud due to frost can equal a loss of up to six grape clusters harvested … roughly six glasses of wine.

The gentle contours of the Boars’ View vineyard and proximity to the coast provide a natural frost protection for the newly exposed buds. Maritime influences keep temperatures above freezing, and the hillside slope pulls the coldest air down the hillside away from the infant buds. With threats of early spring frost conditions at bay, bud break is truly a majestic time in the Boars’ View vineyard, and the exciting start to another vintage on the Sonoma Coast.