development Mystical Sonoma Coast Estate

When we first set foot on the land that is now Boars’ View, there were no roads or trails leading through it so we hopped into a jeep and scaled the mountain. Once at the top, we looked upon the land below and could not believe our eyes. What laid before us was an idyllic cornice with a gentle slope and perfect sun exposure. Ferns dotted the grassy, wild field, untamed and pure. The site was nothing short of majestic.

We knew immediately that this rustic site would be the perfect spot for our vision of Boars’ View, yet taming the wild terrain would not be an easy task. Planting a vineyard is difficult even when construction and vineyard equipment supplies are easily accessible. The extremely remote location of Boars’ View and lack of established access roads made this process seemingly impossible.

Fortunately, we had Ulises Valdez on our team whose deep experience cultivating the wild Sonoma Coast allowed us to develop the Boars’ View land into the vineyard it is today. With relentless dedication, Ulises tackled every obstacle this rugged land brought forward, allowing us to extend our planting beyond what we had imagined possible. With an optimal water source located on the property and various soils throughout the vineyard, we could hardly wait to plant the nearly one year old vines in 2008. Matching clone to soil, we planted Pinot Noir throughout the majority of the vineyard and found a small section of coastal clay that was perfectly suited for Chardonnay.

With Ulises’ unparalleled skill and talent, the vines continue to grow and deepen, bringing forward rich, intense fruit that reveal the unbridled potential of Boars’ View.