Behind every great wine is an amazing team. Passionate. Dedicated to the craft of winemaking and committed to the pursuit of excellence. At Boars’ View, this statement is amply true

We have been honored to share the past two decades with winemaker Thomas Brown and we are beyond words appreciative that he has been at the helm of our wine projects. As you can imagine, we have been thrilled with the many successes Thomas has brought to us, but it has been also rewarding to watch Thomas hone his craft, raise the bar, and create a community of excellence amongst his team.

Working with Thomas at Boars’ View, Vineyard Manager Daniel Ricciato who has been with us for more than a decade. In our Administrative Office, Executive Emissary Deborah Anderson has also shared our adventures (that’s what we call them ; ) for more than a decade, Accounting Manager Ariana Penserini is rounding the corner of her five years on the team keeping us in order and our General Manager Jennifer Downing has thoughtfully enhanced our sales program and customer service experience over the last couple of years.

We are more than a team, we are a family with a combined 60 years together and looking forward to all that is yet to come.

thomas rivers brown


Prodigious talent and passion for Burgundian varietals makes Thomas Brown a perfect fit for Boars’ View. Thomas began his winemaking career with Carol and Fred Schrader in 2000 when he made his first bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. After eight years of working side by side to crafted breathtaking wines Carol and Fred began the Boars’ View Vineyard project and looked to Thomas to help craft and cultivate the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that the Sonoma Coast had to offer.

Ever passionate and dedicated to making the most expressive wines of the highest quality, Thomas expanded his reach to Boars’ View and his first love, Pinot Noir. With the brilliance of the wines that he creates for his namesake label, Rivers-Marie, it is evident Thomas is a force to be reckoned with not just in the world of Cabernet Sauvignon, but across all varietals.

Thomas carries forward his commitment to handcrafting compelling, provocative wines that reflect the essence of their origins with the wines of Boars’ View. A hallmark of his style, Thomas masterfully wields non-interventional winemaking techniques to create Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of stunning character and dazzling finesse.

Thomas has been intimately involved in the Boars’ View from the beginning and continues to oversee all aspects of vineyard practices and winemaking, guiding the ins-and-outs of the growing season to produce fruit of peerless purity and character.

ulises valdez

FOUNDING vineyard manager

In honor of a life well lived, Ulises Valdez possessed a natural talent and deep knowledge of Sonoma Coast vineyards that was truly unmatched — he was a legend.

Ulises’ vineyard management experience started with humble beginnings, moving to Sonoma County when he was a young teen to work in vineyards along the Sonoma Coast and make money to support his family. With endless hard work, dedication, and an unmatched passion for the vineyards, success quickly grew and Ulises gained fame as one of the most esteemed and accomplished Sonoma Coast Vineyard Managers. With three decades of experience and limitless passion, we watched Ulises masterfully care for our beloved Boars’ View.

Involved with the Boars’ View vineyard from day one, Ulises’ extensive experience, keen instincts, and comprehensive understanding of the land enabled us to maximize the natural resources of the Boars’ View Vineyard. Always diligent and ever dedicated, Ulises developed the Boars’ View Vineyard from raw land, exceeded planting forecasts and established a state-of-the-art irrigation process to provide optimal hydration to the root system and conserve overall water use through even the driest of seasons.

Ulises had a deep understanding of the contours and microclimate of the land and carefully selected daily vineyard practices responsive to the vines specific needs. With this unparalleled knowledge, he embraced and enhanced the natural potential of the terroir, bringing out the very best each vintage had to offer.

We believe great wines begin in the vineyard and we genuinely appreciate everything Ulises did to bring forward the very best fruit from our beloved Boars’ View. Now, we look to more amazing things to come in the future working with his family and next generation.



Fred Schrader may have cut his winemaking teeth on Cabernet Sauvignon, but most often, you will find his glass filled with Pinot Noir. Since the early days, Fred has had a love affair with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. His interests have spanned the globe including unique and elegant wines from the great Domaines in Burgundy to the incredibly rich, fruit forward, and abundant wines coming from California’s ‘True’ Sonoma Coast.

In 2004, Fred decided to build on the success he enjoyed in the Napa Valley and extend his reach to produce his beloved varietals, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. He turned his sights westward to the Sonoma Coast, an area that was quickly emerging as the hot spot to be and where Fred found some of the exciting wines being made.

As with every project he takes on, Fred put his whole focus on bringing forward the best at Boars’ View. This attention has allowed the brand to carefully cultivate richly textured, expressive wines that are quickly gaining critical acclaim and notable recognition. Along with his passion for wine, Fred’s enjoys boating and fishing — especially when the day’s endeavor yields a flavorful meal paired with Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.



Jennifer found her joy in the wine industry nearly twenty years ago and most recently as our Brand Manager for Boars’ View. We met Jennifer years ago while she was a Wine & Cuisine Manager at a Napa Valley resort. Fred and I appreciated her warm hospitality and gracious demeanor, we were thrilled when our paths crossed again, and she joined our team.  The Boars’ View team is quite small, and should you send an email or call the winery no doubt you will be working with Jennifer.  

Growing up in Sonoma County and a “NorCal” girl at heart, Jennifer has worked for notable Pinot Noir producers in the area. Thankful to call this agriculture region her home, Jennifer and her family enjoy all the area has to offer-  incredible restaurants, craft wine, beer and spirits, local farms, hiking trails, lazy days on the Russian River, camping on the coast, and especially relishing summer sunsets with a glass of pinot noir. 



Ariana grew up a native of wine country in the town of Napa surrounded by vineyards. She attended San Francisco State University and following graduation, she returned to her hometown and pursued a career in finance specifically focused on fine wine.

Her career in the wine industry has spanned 15 years where she has been active guiding the business activities for notable wineries throughout the Napa Valley and, with her role at Boars’ View, even reaches over the mountains to Sonoma County. She is responsible for the finances and compliance at Boars’ View and with our ever changing regulations, she keeps quite busy making sure all systems are green to go.

In her free time, Ariana spends time with her daughter and son, together they enjoy spending time in the great outdoors – hiking, camping, and exploring the Sonoma Coast. When the weather keeps them inside, a favorite pastime is cozying up on the couch and taking in a beloved Disney movie.


Grower Relations Manager

Hailing from Westwood, Massachusetts, Daniel Ricciato began his career in the Napa Valley as part of the production team at Outpost Estate Wines on Howell Mountain, working with Thomas Rivers Brown. Over the course of 5 years as part of the talented production team, Daniel developed a keen appreciation for the nuance and vibrant energy of coastal, climate wines and the incredible Sonoma Coast.

In 2014, Thomas hired Daniel to liaison with his clients and their vineyard operations, shifting Daniel’s career to focus on Grower Relations Manager. On behalf of Thomas and his clients, Daniel works directly with the vineyard staff for over 120+ sites, ranging in location from up and down Napa Valley, throughout West Sonoma County and a few select vineyards in Mendocino County.