When we first set foot on the land that is now Boars’ View, there were no roads or trails, so we hopped into a rough-tough jeep and scaled the mountain. Once at the top, we gazed across the vista and could not believe our eyes. What laid before us was an idyllic cornice with a gentle slope offering perfect sun exposure. Ferns dotted the wild grassy field that was untamed and pure. The site was breathtaking and majestic.

We knew immediately we were at the ideal location to fulfill our vision of Boars’ View, yet we were mindful that taming the wild terrain would not be an easy task. Planting a vineyard is difficult even when supplies and equipment are easily accessible. The extreme remote location of Boars’ View and lack of established access roads made this process seemingly impossible.

Fortunately, we had Ulises Valdez leading the charge and with his extensive experience cultivating the Sonoma Coast, we were able to develop the land into the premier vineyard Boars’ View is today. With tireless dedication, Ulises tackled every obstacle this rugged land brought forward, allowing us to extend our planting potential beyond what we had imagined possible. With an optimal water source located on the property and rich soils throughout the vineyard, we were excited to plant the vines in 2008. Matching clone to soil, we planted Pinot Noir in the majority of the vineyard that is composed of Goldridge Loam with a small complement of Chardonnay in the small section that is coastal clay to which it is perfectly suited.

With Ulises’ unparalleled skill and talent, the vines continue to grow and deepen, bringing forward rich, intense fruit that reveal the unbridled potential of Boars’ View.


Fort Ross - Seaview, Sonoma Coast

On a sun-filled cornice in the heart of California’s ‘True’ Sonoma Coast, Boars’ View sits 45 minutes northwest of the township of Cazadero. Temperate maritime conditions loft over the ridgelines, blanketing the vineyard from winter’s chill and offering natural cooling from summer’s heat. We take pride in being one of very few vineyards in this remarkable area and are honored to be among the like-minded Seaview appellation wine producers who are committed to producing Pinot Noirs of the highest distinction and excellence.

Plantable vineyard land is few and far between in this remote area with the optimal vineyard sites being situated along the top of the mountainous terrain that spans through the Fort Ross – Seaview appellation. Most of the public roads that weave throughout the mountains only service the lower areas, so in order to access the plantable sites atop the mountains, you must build your own roads and make sure to have four wheel drive. Needless to say, getting the necessary equipment to the vineyard site is an arduous and expensive proposition. All effort considered, we knew that once developed our hard work would pay tremendous dividends as we had seen nothing before that could rival the idyllic location and climate of Boars’ View.

Looking back at the early challenges, we are overjoyed about the outcome and could not be more excited about what the Boars’ View Estate has produced to date and the limitless potential for our path ahead.


California Heritage Selections

An accomplished aficionado of Burgundian wines, winemaker Thomas Brown was captivated from the start by the natural potential of the land at Boars’ View. From day one, Thomas has been intimately involved in all aspects of site planning. This ground up involvement allowed Thomas to fully integrate his vineyard to winemaking knowledge and he was able to seamlessly match specific clonal varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to the terroir of the estate.

Following a complete soil and climate assessment, Thomas and Vineyard Manager Ulises Valdez carefully considered the predominantly gravelly Goldridge loam composition of the soil and uniquely warmer temperatures of the location and meticulously selected grape clones to optimize these elements. The duo hand-selected a complementary blend of California heritage varieties renowned for their robust fruit flavors and muscular structure – a mix of Calera, Mt. Eden and Swan clone Pinot Noirs and Wente clone for Chardonnay.